What we need from you before we can begin.

1. The Branding

Your logo represents your company and corporate colour scheme. A strong, professionally designed logo can really help your business to make a memorable impression. We will design your logo to the highest of standards. Lets get you a quote.

2. The Content

The most important element of a website is well written page copy. The website content will for the most part dictate how the layout will look, along with other elements including images, video or infographics.

3. Goals “Achieved”

To be effective, each page of your website should have a goal. If you want to book more clients, get more page views, or get people into a sales funnel – these things are call to actions and need to be placed in a prominent position.

4. The Functionality

What do you want your website to do? Does it need a custom form or contact enquiry form, does it require calculations or something more complex. We need to know these things because they determine the scope of your website project and how much work is required to complete the website.

5. Websites Inspiration

These are website that you really like, what do you like about them, what draws you in and why do you keep going back to those websites?